Heart of Arkansas JR. BBQ Cook-off

Enjoy your day helping your young chef get started in competitive cooking with our new Heart of Arkansas JR. BBQ Cook-off. 

Jr. BBQ Cook-Off Rules

 Rules and Regulations 

(non-sanctioned event)

Heart of Arkansas Jr. BBQ Cook-off is a benefit for the Lonoke and Prairie County Meals on Wheels Program.

1. This event is open to all children 16 years old and younger (at the time of the event).

2. Age Competition Categories: 6-10 and 11-16

3. This is an open container, open garnish and open cooking event.

4. The Kids Cook-Off is defined by as Fresh Meat prepared on a charcoal fire, basted or not, stuffed or not, as the cook sees fit, with any substances and sauces as the cook believes necessary. There will be two categories in the contest - Beef and Chicken. Meat for the contest entry may not be precooked, sauced, injected, marinated, or stuffed in any way prior to inspection at the beginning of the contest.

5. Each contestant shall supply all meat, seasonings, cooking utensils, barbecue grills and other equipment necessary to prepare samples for Judging. Heart of Arkansas BBQ Cook-off will provide a cooking area.

6. The child MUST do the preparation, cooking and presentation. Parents may help with fires and slicing or anything considered dangerous.

A.  All children will cook in the designated area on their own grills. (Families with more than one child participating can cook on the same grill.).

B.  If the parent/ guardian has entered the Heart of Arkansas BBQ Cook-off then the child cook can use their parents grill. An appointed person from the BBQ cook-off committee must be on site to oversee preparation, cooking and presentation, if teams are sharing grills.

NO KCBS Garnish rules apply to the Kid’s Contest

7. Children with special needs are welcome in the competition and encouraged to do as much as          they are able with some help from an assigned person (please notify The Heart of Arkansas                Jr. BBQ Cook-off Event Chairs).

8. A parent/guardian must be present with the child during the entire cooking process. NO                 exceptions. Violation of this rule could result is a disqualification form the cook-off.

9. The Youth and Adult MUST stay with the cooker from the beginning of the fire until the coals     are completely extinguished, and their area is cleaned.

10. The child contestant may obtain guidance from the Adult partner, but the Youth MUST do all       preparations AND cooking of the entry. Adult participation in preparation, cooking or presentation   of the entry WILL DISQUALIFY the Child.

11. Slicing meat for presentation is not required. Judges will be equipped to slice the presentation       at the judging table.

12. Jr. Cooks meeting is Saturday September 23,2017 at 9 :00 AM (Judge’s Tent)

13. Scheduled turn-in time is 3:30 PM September 23, 2017 (Judge's Tent) – Awards ceremony will   be at 4:30 pm.

14. Awards that will be awarded are Gold, Silver, and Bronze for each age division. People’s             Choice Award will be awarded to one Jr. Cook. All competitors will receive an award Certificate.

15. Cost is $25.00 per Jr. Cook (team) this includes one official Heart of Arkansas Jr. BBQ Cook-     off Apron. Additional aprons can be purchased for $10.00 each. 

16.  Judges decisions are final and may not be contested.

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