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Dog Show Rules: 


2. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs. Dog waste bags are available from the Information Point, located near to the main arena. There will be a bin provided around the event area.

3. The safety and wellbeing of all animals at the event is the responsibility of their owners. Owners must keep their dog under control always.

4. Dog owners will be responsible for any damage or harm caused to property, people or other animals made by their dogs.

5. You your family friends and pets enter the event field at your own risk. Lonoke County Council on Aging, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers or its sponsors will not be held responsible for any accident or incident that may occur.

6. Lonoke County Council on Aging, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers or its sponsors
will not be responsible for any damage or harm caused by your dogs to you, other people, or other dogs.

7. Since this is a charity event, we cannot issue a refund.

8. If you have entered your dogs into the dog show it is your responsibility to listen for announcements of the class times and start times. Since this is a charity event, dog show entry fees are non-refundable.

9. Dog show entries will be limited to under 50 per class. This is for the safety of you, your animals, spectators, and all people involved in the show.

10. If you find or lose anything, please report to the registration center.

11. Adverse weather conditions. The organizers have the right to shut down part or all the event in the event of adverse weather conditions. Since this is a charity event, entry fees and show tickets are non-refundable.

12. Any aggressive or constantly barking dog will be asked to leave without a refund.

13. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to enter the show.

Winners: There will be rosettes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for the winner in each group. All 1st place winners (except Most Photogenic) will compete in the Best of Show category.

14. Photos for the Most Photogenic contest should be submitted by the dog owner at the time of entry payment and before the entry deadline.


Lonoke County Council on Aging, or the City of Cabot assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by spectators, exhibitors and handlers, or their dog(s) or property, and further assumes no responsibility for injury to children not under the control of their parents or guardians,

By signing below, I hereby agree to waive a claim, action or lawsuit and further agree to indemnity and hold LCCA, its board of directors, staff, volunteers and sponsors harmless from claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from participation in this event, and any action, decision or judgement made by the judges in this event. I understand that the judges’ rulings are the final say. My signature indicates that I understand and agree to the above and will abide by all rules and requirements for this event.

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