Meals on Wheels

What Meals on Wheels offers is simple, yet extremely important: well-rounded meals delivered to your home along with a visit from our friendly staff or volunteer. When you sign up for Meals on Wheels, you’ll get the healthy foods you want with convenient delivery that allow you to live independently in your own home. NO income level requirement


Door-to-Door transportation service is provided daily for scheduled services such as medical appointments and errand/grocery shopping and group fun outings. 

Center Centers

Staff and volunteers at the five senior centers throughout Lonoke and Prairie County serve daily lunch meals, lead various activities, and plan regular field trips for our seniors. Senior Centers are located in Lonoke, Carlisle, Des Arc, Cabot and England.  Each center offers something a little different centered around lunch being served every weekday at 11:30 am.

Sitting and Chore Services

At this time, we do not offer adult sitting services or chore services. However, we do maintain a list of individuals or agencies that do. LCCA does not contract with or will be held responsible for individuals or agencies listed.

Telephone Reassurance 

LCCA Staff and Volunteers make reassurance phone calls to assists the growing number of frail and poor seniors who live alone. LCCA staff and volunteers call seniors each weekday to check on their well-being, referring any concerns to appropriate family members, LCCA staff, or other agencies. Early intervention strategies like this can delay or sometimes even prevent nursing home placement, which is costlier than community-based services and allows the seniors to live independently as possible.


Lonoke County Council on Aging staff provide information and resources to meet the needs of homebound and active older people, their family, and caregivers in Lonoke and Prairie County.

We help homebound older people who are struggling to find the services they need to stay in their own home, active older people who want to stay healthy and involved, and family caregivers who need to navigate the maze of available services for their loved ones.

Contact our central office at 501-676-6971

Senior Centers

Lonoke Senior Center 

#1 Newberry Drive
 Lonoke, AR 72086

Site Director:  Rachael Niles

Carlisle Senior Center 

405 E Main Street
 Carlisle, AR 72024

Site Director: Kourtney Oglesby

England Senior Center

100 E Taylor Street
 England, AR 72046

Site Director: Georgia Scribner

Des Arc Senior Center 

1103 Main Street 

Des Arc, AR 72040

(870) 256-3756 

 Site Director: Ashley Covington